The Dice Pirates

Ep: 17 - Is Kickstarter Good for Board Games? w/ Jamey Stegmaier

May 30, 2021

This week, Ian & Matt are joined once again by regular guest Aaron to discuss the importance of cultural consultants, some truly eye-watering Kickstarter numbers, and the effects Kickstarter has had on the board game industry. Also featuring an exclusive interview with Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games!


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:01:23] Soap Box - Issac Childres hires a Cultural Consultant for Frosthaven

[00:12:17] Soap Box - Ian talks about an upcoming Sign Language inspired TTRPG, Inspirisles

[00:15:27] Kickin’ It with Aaron! - The Crew talks some hard numbers about Kickstarter

[00:25:11] Kickstarter: Are We Good?

[00:26:50] Aaron talks about his history with Kickstarter and his thoughts on the industry

[00:31:43] Jamey Stegmaier joins us to discuss the lessons he’s learned over the years, both as a game designer and game backer on Kickstarter

[00:56:32] How to make smart choices when backing a Kickstarter

[01:00:53] Ian talks about the toxicity that killed a Warframe-inspired TTRPG

[01:10:31] Outro


A huge thank you once again to Jamey Stegmaier for giving us even more time than he promised and for being such a phenomenal guest!


A brief programming note: the podcast will be taking some time off as Ian prepares to move, but don’t change that dial! We’ll be back before you know it.


Other games discussed this episode: Exploding Kittens, Fog of Love, Gloomhaven, Warframe


-  Intro and Outro Music - "A Robust Crew by Darren Curtis"