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Captain‘s Log November 22nd: Even More Catan!?

It's time for the news once again, as Aaron and Ian break down the new Catan console releases, Wingspan coming to mobile devices, and Trivial Pursuit becoming a TV show yet again!




A new version of Catan launching soon for Xbox and Playstation consoles


Next Unlock Escape Room games to be based on Pandemic, Ticket to Ride and Mysterium


Big Potato Games launches Jackbox competitor, Big Screen Games




Wingspan and Gaia Project arrive on Android & iOS




Games Workshop makes a community post denouncing hate groups after an individual came to a community tournament in Spain wearing Nazi imagery


A very interesting post on why new games show up in the top 100 more often


Hasbro developing a Trivial Pursuit TV show, to be hosted by LeVar Burton, which marks the 5th time this particular game has been adapted into a show


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Ep: 27 - App-Driven Board Games

This week, the crew tackle one of the most divisive topics in the hobby: apps in board games! Listen in to hear our thoughts on one of the greatest adventure games ever, some spicy takes, and the surprisingly long and deep history of technology in our board games.


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:01:08] Matt talks about his decade long love of Skyrim, and our thoughts on the Skyrim board game

[00:05:04] Ian stumps us with this week’s game, Bitter Boardgamers

[00:11:06] Aaron gives us a history of apps in board games

[00:24:36] Ian moves us to the modern day discussion and where the industry is now

[00:35:17] Aaron talks about one of the positives of this trend: accessibility

[00:41:11] Outro


Tsuro, Battlesheep, X-Com: The Board Game, Alchemists, Destinies, Above & Below, Dropmix, Nyctophobia


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Captain‘s Log November 8th: The Bizarre Vegas Board Games

The news returns as Aaron and Ian bring you several new game announcements, including a follow up to the legendary Risk Legacy, a follow up to Paizo employees unionizing, and the baffling list of qualifier games for the Vegas World Board Game Championships



Fullmetal Alchemist board game coming Q1 2022, released for the 20th anniversary of Brotherhood anime


Risk Legacy Sequel will be coming out 2022


Next title in the popular roll and write series Welcome To is a space based campaign game, titled Welcome To The Moon




Czech Games Edition announce new Galaxy Trucker expansion, will be a “best-of” collection of previous expansions




Paizo leadership officially voluntarily recognizes union


French publisher IELLO cuts ties with IELLO USA


World series board gaming announces list of qualifier games, more details



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Ep: 26 - Halloween Games!

Editor’s Note: Y’all, the wheels come off in this one. Prepare yourselves.


This week, Captain Ian is joined by Matt and Aaron, as they gather around the cauldron to discuss some of our favorite dark and dreary board games, just in time for Hallowe’en! Listen in to hear some hot takes about a very popular game mechanic, some terrible user reviews, and Halloween movie favorites!


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:02:43] Aaron jumps on the soapbox to talk some trash about Sidereal Confluence

[00:09:34] Matt wonders if he was wrong about how much he loves Parks

[00:16:08] Ian brings back a crew favorite, Bitter Boardgamers!

[00:22:29] Ian kicks off our main topic with Mountains of Madness and it’s unique mechanic to represent losing your sanity

[00:32:40] Aaron talks about the joy of murdering your family in Gloom

[00:40:58] Ian tries to find the witch among us with Salem 1692

[00:47:41] Matt talks about the much loved and much maligned Betrayal at House on the Hill

[00:59:41] The crew finish up with some general spooky-times recommendations

Other Games Discussed This Episode: Dead of Winter, Codenames, Ta-Da!


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Captain‘s Log October 18th: Cheating in Competitive Bridge?

The news returns with a look at the new Warhammer 40k game, Paizo employees unionizing, and the recent scandal taking over competitive Bridge tournaments!




Warhammer releases Aeronautica Imperialis: Wrath of Angels


Deep Rock Galactic the board game




Plaid Hat Games announces next two factions for Summer Wars 2E, Skyspear Avians and Cloaks




Twitch leaked, and Critical Role is the top paid channel on all of Twitch


FFG allegedly 'lost' their algorithm due to a ransomware attack


30+ Paizo employees (makers of Pathfinder, Starfinder) unionize, a first of it's kind in the TTRPG space


PAX Unplugged to require full vaccination and face coverings for all attendees.

Bridge cheating scandal


Hasbro Announces the Passing of Beloved Leader and Longtime Chairman & CEO Brian D. Goldner

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Ep: 25 - Above and Below/Near and Far (A Ryan Laukat episode)

On this week’s episode, Matt and Ian are joined by Tori for a discussion of some of Ryan Laukat’s best designs: Above and Below, Near and Far, and the upcoming Now or Never! Plus some first impressions of recent plays, and the Dice Pirates finally agree with some terrible reviews!


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:01:15] Matt gives his impressions of The King is Dead 2E from Osprey Games

[00:09:15] Tori takes her inaugural stand on the soapbox to talk about the woes of trying to play games online

[00:13:26] Ian brings us the best of the worst with Bitter Boardgamers

[00:22:45] Matt kicks off our main topic talk of the Arzium trilogy, talking about Above & Below

[00:35:49] Ian takes us to our next destination in Near & Far

[00:51:09] Ian walks through the upcoming Now or Never

[01:02:29] Outro


Other Games Discussed This Episode: Salem 1692, Unstable Unicorns, Sleeping Gods


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Captain‘s Log October 4th: Asmodee For sale?

The new is back and this week we cover the recent Far Cry board game announcement, even more Dominion expansions, and the leaks that Asmodee may be up for purchase at a whopping 2 billion Euros!




Funforge and Ubisoft to release a board game set in the Far Cry universe, called Far Cry Beyond. No additional details at current.


GMT announces their latest title, Cross Bronx Expressway




Rio Grande announces 14th Dominion expansion, Allies


Days Of Wonder partners with Breast Cancer Research Foundation to release a set of pink trains for Ticket to Ride, donating $2 from each set sold




Asmodee Digital's PC adaption of Gloomhaven is finally going to release the full campaign of the game, over 2 years after first launching in early Access on steam


Asmodee is up for sale, a bargain at only $2 billion euros


GAMA releases statement announcing that Jeff Bergen and TGG-Games are expelled from Origins 2021


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Ep: 24 - One Year Anniversary!

It’s our one year anniversary! Join us as we discuss some favorite moments from the podcast, games that surprised us this year, and then speculate on what trends will emerge in the coming year.


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:02:13] The crew discuss our favorite episodes and moments from past shows

[00:07:49] Ian resurrects an old segment, “Whatcha been playin’?”

[00:16:32] Ian leads the crew through a tough round of Dice Pirates Trivia

[00:23:12] The crew discusses their favorite games from the past year

[00:27:08] Matt kicks off a discussion about this past year in board games

[00:44:35] Aaron starts our talk about future trends for the industry

[00:52:08] Outro


Shout out to all of our past guests: Jamey Stegmaier (@jameystegmaier), Lily (@play_it_solo), Harry (@whenharrymetboardgames7), Carly (@gnarlycarleygaming), Jim (@epicjim)


Games discusses this episode: Tammany Hall, Charterstone, Battlesheep, Draftosaurus


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Captain‘s Log September 20th: Ravensburger‘s Shipping Woes

The news keeps coming! This week Aaron and Ian cover a lot of ground, including the recent break-in at Pandasauras Games, Ravensburger cancelling new orders, and mourn the passing of the legendary Reuben Klamer




Funko Games and Prospero Hall announce Jurassic Park Legacy (working title), a legacy game taking place from the creation of the park through it's entire storied history. No further details available


Asmodee and Repos Productions announce 7 Wonder Architects, a standalone game focused on being a bit simpler and family friendly / easier to teach and learn


Game Trayz announces their first published game, Forsaken


Next Move Games announces the fourth and final title in the Azul series: Azul Queen's Garden, slate to release at Essen 2021




FFG announces that new Keyforge expansion on hold due to "broken" algorithm, also teases digital version coming from Stainless Games




Ravensburger stops orders

Andrei Novac, manager at Board & Dice games provides a very insightful breakdown of how board game publishers make and spend money on a post at BGG


Publisher Pandasaurus warehouse robbed


Many publishers and developers pull support from TGG after offensive image and response


Lost Ruins of Arnak wins Deutsche Spielepreis award, from company behind Essen Spiel, the world's largest tabletop gaming event


Reuben Klamer, designer of The Game of Life has passed away at 99 years old

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Ep: 23 - Bloodrage, Rising Sun, & Ankh: Gods of Egypt

This week, Matt, Ian, and Aaron take a deep dive into Eric Lang’s Mythology Trilogy! We talk about whether technology belongs in board games, if Loki is really a good guy, and how Ankh’s God merge mechanic is actually good!


[00:00:00] Intro

[00:01:13] Matt gives his opinions on the newest release from Fantasy Flight Games, Descent: Legends of the Dark

[00:08:54] Ian challenges Matt and Aaron to take some bold stances in “The Good, The Bad, and The Neutral”

[00:17:46] The crew starts off with a general talk about their feelings on the Mythology Trilogy

[00:25:14] Ian sees red as we start off talking about Blood Rage

[00:35:54] Matt negotiates to begin our chat about Rising Sun

[00:44:33] Aaron rounds out the trilogy with his thoughts and impressions on Ankh

[01:00:02] Outro


Other Games Discussed in this Episode: Destinies


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